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With over 40 years of experience in the pecan industry under our belts, we founded Missouri Organic Pecan Company in 2019.​ Our facility is located right in the heart of native pecan country, Deerfield, Missouri.

Our mission is to offer the finest quality organic pecans to consumers who understand the value of high-quality, organic foods.

We maintain strict production standards in our facilities through the application of Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Standards.


We offer fancy pecan halves and pieces.  See our shop page for ordering details.  Raw consumption is generally how we enjoy eating pecans and they are also perfect for your pie, smoothie, granola mix or ice cream topper.


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Pecan Fun
  • ​The word "Pecan" is an Algonquin word that means "a nut that requires a stone to crack."

  • Native Americans relied on pecans as an essential part of their diet. Some calculations indicate that their annual pecan harvest had the same food value as 150,000 bison.

  • North America produces 80 percent of the global pecan supply.

  • Pecans come in many sizes, from mammoth to midget. Missouri native pecans are known to be smaller, but sweeter.